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The Liquor Control Commission is in the process of reviewing the following rules for 2014. Comments and concerns should be submitted in compliance with 4301:1-1-66 of the Ohio Administrative Code to the address of the bottom of this page. A public hearing regarding these rules will be held on Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. The public meeting will be held at 77 South High Street, 19th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215. The purpose of this public meeting is for the Commission to consider adopting for initial filing the following rules:
4301:1-1-04    Sacramental wine.
4301:1-1-08    Permit, issuance of after revocation.
4301:1-1-12    Permits – inspection of permit premises and duty of division before issuing.
4301:1-1-14    Permits, transfer of.
4301:1-1-19    Permits: Duties of licensing division.
4301:1-1-20    Permits (manufacturers and distributors) reinspection after suspension.
4301:1-1-21    Permits shall be posted conspicuously on premises.
4301:1-1-25    Permits (H), transportation of alcoholic beverages.
4301:1-1-26    Permits – identification of vehicles used by “H” permit holders.
4301:1-1-27    Spigots; brand name appearing on.
4301:1-1-28    Beer and wine: cleaning and sterilizing dispensing apparatus.
4301:1-1-30    Beer, wine, mixed beverage, or spirituous liquor tasting.
4301:1-1-31    Re-usable containers - definitions and deposit for.
4301:1-1-32    Samples.
4301:1-1-34    Temporary permits.
4301:1-1-35    F permits.
4301:1-1-36    Temporary liquor permits held by not for profit entities.
4301:1-1-37    Chemical analysis requirements.
4301:1-1-38    Use of chemical analysis affidavits.
4301:1-1-44    Advertising.
4301:1-1-45    Contests, prizes, sales incentive programs, rebates, or other promotions.
4301:1-1-61    Violations – identification and notification.
4301:1-1-65    Procedures for hearings before the liquor control commission.
4301:1-1-74    Regulates and stabilizes the manner of distributing and selling bottled wine within the state.
All interested partiesshould appear in person at the above-stated time and location to give public comment or testimony regarding these rules.

Please contact Assistant Director Ellen Lediner or 614-466-3132 for any questions concerning the rule review process.


77 South High Street, 18th Floor • Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-466-3132 •
Fax: 614-466-4564