Liquor Control Commission Notice




The Liquor Control Commission is in the process of conducting a five year review of the following administrative rules for 2018:


              4301:1-1-05 Mixed beverages: requirements

          4301:1-1-16 Closing authority


          4301:1-1-17 Sanitation requirements


          4301:1-1-52 Entertainment – prohibition against improper conduct


4301:1-1-53 Gambling, gambling devices and promotional contests


          4301:1-1-68 Sales reports of B-1 permit holders


          4301:1-1-72 Minimum markup on beer


          4301:1-1-73 Differential pricing practices: manner and frequency of price changes for beer


          4301:1-2-01 Definitions


          4301:1-2-02 Procedures for accessing confidential personal information


          4301:1-2-03 Valid reasons for accessing confidential personal information


          4301:1-2-04 Confidentiality statutes


4301:1-2-05 Restricting and logging access to confidential personal information in computerized personal information systems


If you have comments or would like to request changes to any of the above rules, please draft them in accordance with OAC 4301:1-1-66 and submit them to the Commission via US mail at the above address, or via fax or email via the Commission’s website or to, on or before August 11, 2017.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Ellen Leidner
Assistant Director
(614) 466-3132
(614) 466-4564 fax